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So my best friend of almost 10 years is back with her abusive ex bf, or so I believe.. I have proof that she’s been getting messages from this ❤️ person in her phone! She’s had me text this guy back before since she was driving and I recognized the grammar style which made me think this guy… She lied to me and my best guy friend (friend of my bf) to our faces yesterday/today saying it was her dad! I didn’t believe it but I still choked down the bullshit! She has a history of lying to us about things like this.. My whole body has been shaking since I saw that! I know it was wrong but something told me to check it out.

Before anybody starts judging me or shit like that just think about if it was a friend so close to you they were like a brother/sister and they were sneaking around and lying to you about things like that! Saying oh yeah he/she is in jail but they receive notifications to their phone/tablet from this person on social media and it really worries you! No I didn’t unlock her phone to go through it but it was already unlocked and in her hand while she’s sleeping.

Tbh, idk what to do at this point!! I need advice!! Thanks!!

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